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Drive Lube and Gear Lube

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  • Drive Lube and Gear Lube

    This is totally a rookie question but is drive lube the same as oil? My drive lube is low and I want to add some but in a daze I bought gear lube which I don't think is the same thing.

    2003 Glastron SX175 3.0l Mercruiser

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    Re: Drive Lube and Gear Lube

    Look in the owners manual for exactly what type is supposed to be in there.


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      Re: Drive Lube and Gear Lube

      Drive lube and gear lube the same. However I would take that bottle back and exchange it for synthetic blend if it isn't.
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        Re: Drive Lube and Gear Lube


        If I'm not mistaken, you have a Mercruiser GEN II Alpha. I believe that you are supposed to use Mercury HP gear lubricant in it.

        The following is from Mercury Marine http://www.mercurymarine.com/service...nance#GearLube

        Should I use Premium Blend or High Performance gear lube in my sterndrive?

        MerCruiser High Performance gear lube is required in all Bravo and Alpha I Generation II sterndrives. It is recommended for use in all older sterndrives as well. Premium Blend and High Performance gear lube should never be mixed. Be sure to drain the unit completely if switching from one type of lube to the other.


        1987 FourWinns 211 Liberator, Originally an OMC 460 King Cobra.
        Re-powered in 2006 with a 1997 Mercruiser 7.4L Bravo III


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          Re: Drive Lube and Gear Lube

          I would also try to find out why it's low. Does the boat have a warning alarm and was that low enough to set it off?
          1995 Searay 180BR
          4.3LX 4bbl, Alpha Gen II


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            Re: Drive Lube and Gear Lube

            That's a good question. I'm not sure why it's low. When I bought the boat 2 months ago it was just above the fill line. So I didn't really go through a lot (in the 20 times I've used the boat) but I wanted to add some anyways.

            Everything runs great. I have had this slip out of gear 2x a while back after I changed the prop but it hasn't happened to me since.

            My only complaint is if I am running it for a long time and I bring it down to idle, aburptly shutting off the engine it chugs/sputters a bit before turning off but i'm sure that's unrelated to low drive lube. My dad thinks this is a timing issue but if I quickly rev to 1200 and let it drop down to 800 it doesn't chug.
            2003 Glastron SX175 3.0l Mercruiser