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1986 Seaswirl Tempo w/ OMC 4.3L

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  • 1986 Seaswirl Tempo w/ OMC 4.3L

    Hope someone can help....My 1986 Seaswirl has a OMC 4.3l V6 and runs great, but whenever I'm in gear, foward or reverse, then shift back into neutral the engine dies. I've tried increasing the idle, decreasing the idle, but having the same problem. Once in gear, the boat trottles up fine without stumbling and reduces speed just fine until I place it back into neutral.

    Any ideas......Please help I'm a Medic not a mechanic.

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    Re: 1986 Seaswirl Tempo w/ OMC 4.3L

    Sounds like some classic Cobra shift problems...you could have either a sticky transom shift cable that's keeping the ESA engaged too long or a bellcrank with crud behind it that's doing the same thing...time to find a mechanic who knows Cobras...
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