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Oil Drain Kit

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  • Oil Drain Kit

    Reading the previous threads, people like the oil drain kits, like this Oil_Drain_Kit.

    I am adding it to my boat as I replace the motor. It is trailered, so draining it out the back is great.

    Many people had different reasons they like to use the Dip Stick or The Oil drain, my key reason... I don't have to carry dirty oil into my new clean boat... May even add a pump to drain and then to pump back into the boat

    My question, How the heck do I get the hose through the transom drain?

    I read on one thread about a wire connecting the plug and the end of the Drain Kit.

    Anyone have any suggestions/pictures? If they have a wire connected, how did they connect it so it does not leak?

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    Re: Oil Drain Kit

    I just installed one on my 1993 Spectrum. I like the idea of being able to fully drain the sump and get all the bad stuff out.
    The hose is fairly stiff and I simply reach down under the engine and push it out the bilge drain. Usually takes a couple of tries. When it is fully pulled out the plug hole, it reaches the ground (on my boat/trailer anyway). I drilled a small hole on the top lip of the oil drain pan and attached a wire that wraps around and holds the end of the hose in the pan while it drains. It takes awhile to fully drain and I usually end up doing other things so there is a good chance that a kid might run or ride by and knock the hose away from the pan.

    Some people attach a wire to the end of the hose and to the bilge/transom plug. They pull the plug and the wire pulls the hose out. An added benefit would be never losing your bilge drain plug.


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      Re: Oil Drain Kit

      I put one of those drains on my 454 and it wouldn't go thru the transom drain either.

      I decided to use an adel clamp and afix it to the port side riser. I use a Moeller vacuum pump to remove the oil.

      It actually works better and will drain all the oil faster than draining it with gravity. 15 strokes of the pump (hot or cold) will drain all the oil in about 2 min or so.


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        Re: Oil Drain Kit

        I have this one made by Mercruiser (i think)...I works well and the drain plug is attached so you cant say you forgot to put in.
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          Re: Oil Drain Kit

          The Mercruiser kits use a wire that attaches the plug at the end of the oil line, to the back of a garboard plug.

          Remove the stern garboard plug...pull the wire...and the oil line comes out.
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            Re: Oil Drain Kit

            Your pictures that gave me an idea on how to make it work,,, I was thinking about drilling a hole and soldering in... thought like a really bad idea

            The pictures helped me figure out a strategy with drilling a plug...



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              Re: Oil Drain Kit

              The pictures posted don't show the cable assemble too clear, but there is a swivel (IE: fishing gear) attached to the pull cable so when you unscrew the garboard drain plug, the cable does not get twisted and kinked.

              Just thought I should point that out if you are going to make your own pull cable.
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