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Pre-Alpha Trim Pump Problem. Goes down, not up.

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  • Pre-Alpha Trim Pump Problem. Goes down, not up.

    '74 with 140.

    The "up" switch hasn't worked in years, so I've been using the trailer switch. It has worked fine up until today. Now, I press the center and top button and I can hear the solenoid click, but the drive doesn't move at all.

    When I press the bottom button, I can year the pump run and the drive moves.

    If I run a jumper wire from the positive terminal on the starter to the lug on the solenoid with the blue wire attached, the pump runs and the drive goes up.

    Does this sound like a bad solenoid? What else could it be?

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    Re: Pre-Alpha Trim Pump Problem. Goes down, not up.

    sounds like a bad solenoid....for the 20 bux it costs for a new one i'd try that first...or if you'd really like to test it first you can swap the "up" and "down" wires at the solenoids and see if when you hit the "down" button the motor trims up....make sense?

    91 Rinker Captiva 186sigpic