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Adding flow meter equipment vs. CG approval?

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  • Adding flow meter equipment vs. CG approval?

    I just finished reading through the fuel injection thread. Some of you mentioned the lack of CG approval for an otherwise interesting modification. Of course, the safety aspect is undeniable, but it got me to wondering ...

    I'm planning on installing a Floscan 7000 as soon as the pre-filter that Floscan recommended arrives. Since I will be adding this in the fuel line, using CG approved fuel line components, (I hope the 20B fuel sensor and that Ezy Flow filter are CG approved), I wonder if this system add on, even though I'm following the Floscan installation directions, will create an 'unapproved system', and have safety / insurance consequences?

    Does anyone have any information on this?

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    Re: Adding flow meter equipment vs. CG approval?

    You need to use common sense and mount the unit securely in a place that allows the fuel lines to be secure from chafe from the boat or motor belts

    As long as you use and approved type of hose barb, A-1 fuel line and good SS hose clamps it should be fine

    If you have never worked on the motor then it might not be the best place to start learning but only you know that
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      Re: Adding flow meter equipment vs. CG approval?

      Most of that thread has to do with all the modifications on the PRESSUREIZED side of the fuel system from the fuel pump on to the rest of the engine.
      You will only be concerned with the suction side of the fuel system BEFORE the engine using the info tommays posted.
      Don S.

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