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Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

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  • Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

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    Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

    You DO need another gimbal housing. Cracks like that are usually caused either by serious impact, or the transom of the boat was not flat and cracked the housing when it was tightened down.
    A used housing would be fine, as long as it isn't worn out.
    As far as how much labor, who knows. Not all 23' cruiisers are the same for accessability. I would guess anywhere from 8 to 20 hours depending on access. That is if the transom is ok.
    Don S.

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      Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

      I would be VERY cautious here!

      It *MIGHT* be possible to weld it with a TIG (GTAW) welder. I would remove it, completely from the boat (I.E pull the drive, engine and transom assy) ... completely disassemble and glass bead blast the area to be welded. then carefully grind a groove on both sides of the crack with a grinder that is ONLY used to grind aluminum (to prevent contamination) Then and only then use the correct alloy of filler rod to weld. The time and care needed to do this would in my opinion not be worth it since it would be FAR cheaper and safer to replace it with a good used one!

      ...... This is a dealer? can you get your money back? I would probably call a lawyer.

      I wouldn't take that boat off the trailer after a "repair" like that! That scares me almost as much as a T-Tail Jackscrew!

      Sorry for the "frank" answer.

      I'm not Frank.......


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        Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

        I broke the gimbal housing on my bell boy last summer. I don't know which outdrive you have, but after lots of hunting around on ebay and craigslist I found all the parts I need for about $300. I have it partly removed and later this month I am going to set up a beam in my shop to pull the motor. I think I can get the whole thing done in a weekend.

        I hit a unseen submerged object, probably submerged log, and I started sinking fast! I needed coast guard assistance to get back to the boat ramp.
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          Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

          "this would be a fortune to fix"... scary... in other words, what they are saying is:
          "if we fix it right, and put your the boat into the condition we represented it when we sold it to you, we will lose money, or maybe break even and not get rich from ripping people off, so screw you... you lose mr. customer...happy sinking"

          Good advice above- look for the parts on eBay, fix it yourself. I wouldn't trust them to fix it when the mechanic is under the gun to do it as cheaply as possible and as fast as possible.

          The alignment of the gimbal bearing will never be right on a cracked/welded housing. You might fail gimbal bearings frequently. The crack happenned because the housing wouldn't bend. The crack happenned to let things move when the impact took place. I'd think you'll want to inspect the boat's transom once the housing is removed. I'll bet it's fine, but what if the wood/glass is damaged... you're going in the ocean?...


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            Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

            It should be replaced.....
            If it fails, you are going down fast.......
            Disclaimer!: In my inexpert opinion......


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                Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

                that's Gen II.


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                  Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

                  I think i would mention an attorney to the dealer and ask for the money back.I'm sure they had checked the boat over when they took in on trade.They knew it was cracked and put some epoxy on hoping it would last awhile.That is so wrong!I would contact your local news channel also and smear thier name all over tv for risking you and your passengers lives!
                  bass turds...

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                    Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

                    What Gary said. new one free, or $ back- no half- a *** repairs


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                      Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

                      Well, they called to say the boat was ready for pickup. I went there and was sticking to my guns. Suprisingly I didn't have to really demand or argue. One I mentioned I felt safer having the Gimbal housing replaced, they only replied it will take 3-4 weeks. I think they realised what they did was unsafe, or they knew I wasn't falling for it. So they drew up a new work order where I stated I wanted to inspect the new part prior to installation and that was it. No hostility, but I could tell the broker was depressed and very quiet (obviously because he knew his profit just went out the door). If all works out, I will have more respect for this company.

                      So hopefully in a month I can get out on the water... Fingers crossed.



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                        Re: Cracked Gimbal/Transom Housing

                        thats great! I would also want a look at the transom while they have it apart. I'm glad they are doing the right thing..

                        1981 ChrisCraft 210 Scorpion K,175 Johnson SeaHorse