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5.7 TBI random stall

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  • 5.7 TBI random stall

    waving my white flag on this one, help please!

    1998 5.7L EFI, ~800 hours.
    180-190 psi all cylinders
    New distrubutor, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, coil
    new iac
    new fuel pump
    new shift interrupter
    single fuel tank both motors draw off the same - starboard motor is fine.
    No codes (rinda codemate)

    Here's the story - cruising along 2 weeks ago at 3300 rpm and the motor dead quit. No sputter, or hesitation,just dead

    I fired it back up, stalled a minute later. We sat at anchor for 2-3 hours started back up after sitting, ran flawlessly for an hour back to the dock.

    Last weekend I put the new coil in thinking it was overheating. It ran perfect for 3 hours

    Today the same thing happened but instead it quit at idle, after I came off plane from a 15 minutes run. Let it cool down for half hour, then fired it up in the slip. Idled for 15 minutes no issue

    Two things I found today - fuel pump electric pigtail was resting on the oil pan and the bundle of wires going to the iac, tps, and injectors was touching the intake heat pipe. That one was bad enough that it melted the plastic cover. I've since moved both wires off the hot surface.

    I do have a fox-marine engine gateway that reports data to my plotter. It looks like the tps and MAP are reporting properly but I have to watch it closer next time.

    What other path can I go down? I doubt the overheated wires would cause a cutout like this?