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Need some help finding a 'used' Mercarb or 'parts' for same.....

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  • Need some help finding a 'used' Mercarb or 'parts' for same.....

    I've been all over the internet looking for sites where I might find a 'used' Mercarb 2 barrel I can use for 'parts'.......or a place that sells parts for subject carb. I went to my local Merc dealer, only to find they lost their franchise as a result of a 'buy/sell' of the establishment. So, while I guess they can still sell parts, they're no longer a 'Certified' repair center for Merc. Further, the only thing they could do was sell me some Jets....which I needed, but they didn't have the correct size in stock. Supposedly they ordered them, but I still need other internal parts, and they tell me they're not available. I need the accelerator pump return spring....which is an 'internal' carb part located within the bore of the accelerator pump and goes between the bottom of the carb body and the bottom of the accelerator pump cup diaphragm. Not to be confused with the upper pump spring which is on the pump shaft and is 'above' the pump cup diaphragm. So, I'm now trying to find an old 'used' Mercarb 2-bbl, one that I can strip this spring out of......OR ...... a place that might sell this spring.

    I'm trying to dial in a 'new-to-me' 1995 Bayliner Cierra 2355 that I purchased back in February of this year, and only actually saw in it's entirety for the first time early last week. The boat has been under shrink wrap since I bought it, and I've been madly trying to replace exhaust manifolds, risers and spacers, exhaust tubes, as well as do engine tune ups, tilt/trim cylinder repairs, trim tab repairs, outdrive gimble repairs, and outdrive reconditioning.....as well as correct some other 'electrical' issues. All this while the boat was still under the shrink wrap....until last week. I actually got all the repair/prep work done, and ran the boat home from the marina last Wednesday.....but the engine is running 'rich'.....and I'm trying to make that correction now. I have carb apart on my bench, and found this spring to be missing...

    If you know where a place that sells parts for subject carb is, please let me know. Many thanks!! Tom D.
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    you can try carburation.com, also try quadrajetparts.com they sell carb parts, there are also a number of places that sell remanufactured carbs for marine use. However, these can be a mixed bag, some work fine and others do not due to the quality of the cores they get.
    the Mercarb 2bbl appears to be a version of the old Rochester 2GV 2 barrel carb, many thousands were made so the parts must be out there.
    there are also online merc catalogs floating around I would think you can look up parts, a 95 is 25 years old though so some parts may be discontinued.

    this look like yours?
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