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Timing issue;1998 Mercruiser 3.0 liter 4 cylinder

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  • Timing issue;1998 Mercruiser 3.0 liter 4 cylinder

    Just replaced the coil relay which required taking the distributor out. btw; replaced the coil, and control module while I was at it. Put the timing light on and here’s the question.
    When I put the jumper wire on the two white wires at tte distributor to bypass the spark advance, nothing happens? At 1st I didn’t know this and when I tried to put the timing at 1• btdc the engine didn’t like it ar all even after the jumper was removed? and any throttling up would hesitate and die. At about 12•btdc it runs great, no surprise since that’s where its suppose to be with the spark advance working. ????
    oh! and my manual says to disconnect the kill switch wires and connect the two wires together from the engine..... yep; the engine dies??
    Am I missing something?!?

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    Motor should be warmed up
    Connect the jumper at the distributor and jump the interrupter switch wires together. If motor dies timing is probably to far out

    Click image for larger version

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