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Rebuilding a 165 3.7 to make it a 190

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  • Rebuilding a 165 3.7 to make it a 190

    hello! I have an 85 sundancer with twin 190’s. I have been able to get a 165 3.7 core. I want to rebuild the 165 as a spare. And also make it a 190, what are the internal differences in the engines ? What all do I need to do to make the 165 a 190?

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    What all do I need to do to make the 165 a 190?
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      and if you want to make the 470 motor produce 190hp and be reliable, you should look into the following modifications:
      • edelbrock, aluminum head for Ford FE motors - requires you to drill the big hole in the end (this will prevent the thermal expansion issues with the aluminum block and iron head)
      • port matching the head, manifolds
      • stabilizing the cylinder bores in the floating bore block. this requires a bit of machining and a custom made block girdle/spider
      • run only Mercruiser head gaskets (not even Felpro gaskets last on the motor due to the odd block)
      • make sure you have the larger heat exchanger
      • the aforementioned 500CFM 4-barrel

      Or simply bolt in a 4.3 (however on twin 470's the motors are two close together.)
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