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Epoxy on MC Bravo 1 Transom assembly

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  • Epoxy on MC Bravo 1 Transom assembly

    I learned years ago the hard way that polyester resins will not stick well to metal auto floor boards. It will for a while but will eventually lift. I have some Bravo drive transom assemblies that have some corrosion near the bottom bolts on the inside surface. I may have lost 1/16" of aluminum metal after grinding off old corrosion. Applying a straight edge, I can see light through the crack. I'd like to build this area back up, since I will be torqueing to a flat and new transom. The quickest and cheapest is to thicken epoxy resins with glass and apply like Bondo to fill voids and raise surface, then surface or sand area to be flush with the rest. The most work would be to TIG up layers and then surface (lot more work). But, I don't know if epoxy resins will permanently stick to aluminum on a transom assembly, especially and eventually exposed to salt water. Any experience on this would be appreciated.

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    Go the TIG... The epoxy will eventually lift, and expose the bare aluminium to sea water. It's a fairly short road to a water leak from there.

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      JB weld works well
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        FWIW, bondo is a polyester resin that sticks to metal very well. With that said, the best method is to add more metal to the corroded area to build it up, and then smooth it out.
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          If I were going to try a repair like that I would use one of the metal filled super epoxies, like Devcon Titanium putty. Kind of expensive $100/ pound but should be a solid fix.
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            weld 'er up
            grind to shape
            paint to match
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              Watch this video about epoxies on metal:



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                All this glue stuff is great for your farm tractor. When it breaks, you walk back to the house. Not so good in a boat offshore.
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                  Sign up today
                  thanks to all. I will try TIG first!