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    86 carver with 260 merc fouled the prop,cleared it ,restarted engine,put in forward no power.will only idle.stuck In safe mode?how to correct.was told of using jumper wire to bypass this.anyone know how?

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    Originally posted by Chipper62 View Post
    86 carver with 260 merc fouled the prop,cleared it ,restarted engine,put in forward no power.will only idle.stuck In safe mode?how to correct.was told of using jumper wire to bypass this.anyone know how?
    Hi there, welcome to iboats!

    If the engine is a 1986 carbureted 260 HP Model engine then there shouldn't be any safe mode features to the engine ignition type systems keeping the engine at idle speeds...That I recall...

    Since it appears you described damaging the propeller after striking an object then there is a chance you may have either damaged the propeller hub that mounts in the center of the propeller and slides over the stern drive prop shaft 'Or you have damaged the engine coupler that bolts onto the engine flywheel....Being an 1986? then generally the propeller hub would be of a rubber design as well as the engine coupler is surly rubber...Newer designed prop hubs may a plastic type material though if the hub is not solid.

    Being rubber material that they tend to be, you may have spun the rubber hub assemblies internally in-turn making the boat not propulsion properly due to lack of holding power of the rubber components.

    If the engine is anything different then for sure we'd need your engine serial number to try and help better with other safe mode possibilities as you've been told by others......That mentioned it would still help to know exactly what engine and stern drive you have via a serial number in case you need to find a parts guide somewhere along the line.

    There are some tests you can preform to see if my theories of a spun prop hub or engine coupler are creating your issues.

    One other possibility of a boat not "propulsioning" properly after striking an object may be due to having some internal drive gear or shaft damage inside the stern drive.

    Should any of my/our theories be found true then depending on issue found, sometimes your boat insurance may help cover costly repairs after striking an object under water.

    Hope it's a simple repair, good luck to you.
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      unless your motor was replaced with an EFI motor, your 1986 vintage motor has no safe mode.
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        Thanks for the answers.a dock line wrapped around the prop,stalled the engine.restarted it when I had the rope off.put it in forward,would only do idle speed,nothing more.boat i's a 84 carver 26.all original equipment.


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          When you say it only does idle speed does the engine rev up but the boat only move slowly?
          If so, your prop hub is probably spun.
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