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Trying to hookup controls to 'rude outboard.. Please help!?!?!?!

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  • Trying to hookup controls to 'rude outboard.. Please help!?!?!?!

    Just bought used OMC controls from Ebay. I have a 1986 30hp outboard. The controls are black with 2 control cables and one power cable with red plug. There are also two other plugs hanging of of power cable. This is what I dont get. My motor has on one side a lever for the forward and reverse. The other side is the throddle assembly. Now the control lever with the red button will move one cable back and forth. There is another lever that you pull up on...this will move the other control cable in one direction. When the lever is pulled up, you cant move the throddle lever. How is this going to work on my motor??? Also how do you hook the cranking battery up so the moor will start? It doesnt look like anything would attach to the battery. Help would be greatly appreiciated. Hope this makes sense!!

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    Re: Trying to hookup controls to 'rude outboard.. Please help!?!?!?!

    Hello c-skiffownerYour description of the control box you brought sounds like mine rude 40 remote start. The lever with the red button is your shifter and is connected to the throttle lever in the motor. You press the button in then push or pull to increase the speed. You must have the lever in the neutral position or the ignition disabler will prevent the starter from engaging. A safety precaution. The other lever is your fast idle. You lift up the lever to help start a cold engine and slowly lower it as the engine warms up. Having the lever up slightly will PREVENT the throttle lever from accidently engaging while fast idle is engage. A safety precaution.You better get a manual because you will need to adjust all the linkages, best done on the water. Since you had to ask about this, does this control box match up to your old one? Can someone confirm this transfer?