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how to adjust- too lean/too rich

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  • how to adjust- too lean/too rich

    I'm working on my 1981 Johnson 60 hp (2 cy) . I often hear about adjusting your motor if its running to lean or too rich. My question is, what is the proper way to do this. It seems my motor smokes a lot, does it mean it running too rich or too lean. Any way, any advice on how to go about adjusting fuel mix is greatly appreciated. By the way, What screw do I adjust, there's a screw ontp of the carb an one near the bowl. Mahalo lc

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    Re: how to adjust- too lean/too rich

    Aloha Ic,Your carb has no adjustment for mixture.It has fixed orifices.Here's a fiche of your carb.remove the screw caps and insure the orifices #37,#9,and #35 have no gummy deposits obstructing flow.A torch tip cleaner set works good for me. 81' 60 hp carb