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Power trim lets motor down, 40 hp Evinrude

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  • Power trim lets motor down, 40 hp Evinrude

    I have a 1996 40 hp Evinrude with power tilt and trim (PTT). It has been a good motor. Last time we took it out the motor trimmed down at the landing. I did not notice until I started to launch it. Hmmmmm .... I trimmed it back up and it stayed up long enough to get the boat in the water. This continued all day. I had to keep trimming it up to keep the nose of the boat up. When I got home I searched the web and found several ideas. This is the short version of what I did that worked.

    I first pulled the retainer clip out of the valve that allows you to manually lower or raise the engine. See info on diagrams below. I then unscrewed the assembly that will allow the motor to be lowered if the PTT does not work. This assembly has to be pulled out due to the O ring that is part of this assembly. I used needle nose sure grips for this. Once I pulled this out I found the O ring was broken and a small part missing. I found a replacement at ACE hardware for 59 cents. I flushed the system to hopefully remove the broken piece of O ring. I then inserted the assembly with the new O ring. I followed the instructions for changing the fluid in the PTT, filling, running the PTT with the manual screw loose, tightened it, filled again, run the motor up and down, etc.

    It has now been about 12 hours and the motor is still trimmed up and has not moved.

    You can find the diagram for about anything at:
    OMC, Johnson & Evinrude - POWER TRIM/TILT - 1996 Johnson/Evinrude 40

    Good luck.