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82' Johnson 115 powerhead removal

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  • 82' Johnson 115 powerhead removal

    Ok so here is how my sad story goes. I did a compression test and found that one of my starboard cylinders was low 100PSI and the bottom cylinder was below 60 PSI. I pulled the exhaust manifold and saw that the rings were missing off the bottom piston which is probably why I have no compression. Guy at boat place that did my compression test told me my motor was just parts now and that i should pay $2000 for a new motor. I want to try to rebuild the cylinder to see if I can fix the piston and compression issue. I found a manual that pretty much states I need to disassemble the entire motor to pull the powerhead. Can this be true? Shouldn't I just be able to pull the cylinder block without tearing the whole thing down? Once I get it off I plan to take it to a machine shop to work on cylinder to remove any damage if there is any and i already found a piston and rings to replace the piston and will be replacing all the rings at one time. So again can I just pull the power head without disassembling the entire motor?

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    Re: 82' Johnson 115 powerhead removal

    Pulling the powerhead apart pretty much constitutes disassembling the whole motor.