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1981 Evinrude 50 hp - Carb rebuild questions

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  • 1981 Evinrude 50 hp - Carb rebuild questions

    I've rebuilt some older Merc carbs from 60s-70s vintage, but now I need to rebuild the carbs on our 1981 Evinrude 50 hp 2-cyl 2-stroke outboard (E50BELCIC).

    I have new kits with floats and the OMC service manual, but I'm hesitant to start the rebuilds when I read about the "core plugs" in the carbs. I never dealt with these (that I can remember) on the older Merc carbs, and the OMC manual says to replace the core plugs if needed.

    My motor is running well at intermediate and hi speeds but doesn't want to idle for long. No air leaks, new fuel pump & lines.

    Are the core plugs necessary to replace to get a proper cleaning of the core, and are the core plugs something to worry about re-installing? The OMC book shows a wood dowel rod just popping them back in. I see nothing about sealer for the plugs unless a leak presents itself and then possibly some sealer added on the outside if the leak is slight (else drill the plug and replace it again).

    And when soaking the core in carb cleaner, how long is recommended (1 day, 2 days?)

    And the OMC book says not to use any more than 20 psi when blowing out the carb core after cleaning. Does everyone adhere to this? I used my big compressor on the older Merc carbs at way over 20 psi and all was ok.

    Any words of wisdom and advice from folks who have done this to this type of carb (I believe OMC Type IV) is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: 1981 Evinrude 50 hp - Carb rebuild questions

    The core plugs should come out to do a good cleaning. I use a drill with a 1/8th" bit and carefully drill through the plug. then take a pick and pop out the plug. To re-install, seat the new plug in the opening and use a hammer and punch to slightly flatten the dome. No sealer is needed (usually). I don't soak carbs at all. I use a quality carb cleaner in a spray can and light air pressure to blow it all out.
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      Re: 1981 Evinrude 50 hp - Carb rebuild questions

      Many Thanks oldcatamount!