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Help, 96 evinrude 150 intruder, no power after spring tune up

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  • Help, 96 evinrude 150 intruder, no power after spring tune up

    Ok, took my boat in for new water pump this spring, and of course they tell me 2 of my carbs need rebuilt because of sticky floats. First time in water after repair it starts fine, idles fine, little smoky but it has always been that way on first start up. idle out and throttle down slowly and notice a hesitation in the motor and lack of power. top rpm of 3500 maybe 4000.
    Took it back to dealer and they say "I had wrong plugs in it and they are fowling out but no problem with what they did and nothing wrong with motor, because thats all the rpm that motor will run with a 24 pitch prop". MMM sorry guys had this boat for 6 years and always ran 5200 at WOT..

    so my question, if changing the water pump and rebuilding 2 of the carbs caused this problem where start to look. plan on rebuilding all 6 carbs and checking there work. but is there something else i should look for, something they might have left unhooked or is it a ignition problem.

    no fuel leaks, new bulb, and new plugs, with good spark. and good gas.

    and to top it all off they droped the trailer on the ground and bent my jack and denied this too