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1972 85 HP Johnson outboard. Whats it worth?

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  • 1972 85 HP Johnson outboard. Whats it worth?

    Not sure where to ask this, but I figured I'd drop it in here. I recently bought a boat for $900. It needed seats, and a few other minor things, but other then that (so it seemed) it was a good buy. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. Was out fishing with my kid, and I had to get in the area where the fuel tank and batteries were at and found a soft spot. Yesterday I get in there and get a hole saw so I can get my hand in there to see if its bad. Put my hand in there and the stringers feel soaked. Its the first time in a long time i've got that son of a b feeling in my gut. Not sure if transom is shot, but after doing a little poking around here, I would be surprised if it wasn't rotten. Don't really have the time or money to throw around on fixing this thing, and was wondering what the motor might be worth. It runs great, and i've considered finding putting on a different boat, but I'm not sure I want to do that either. Still have that pit feeling and don't really want to think to much about it to be honest at the moment.