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Replacing Water Pump on a 1997 25 hp Evinrude

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  • Replacing Water Pump on a 1997 25 hp Evinrude

    How do you unhook the shifting rod??

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    Re: Replacing Water Pump on a 1997 25 hp Evinrude

    Welcome to IBoats ZZram! Here is a procedure.

    There should be 4 bolts, and 1 nut/washer holding on the lower unit. Remove the nut/washer first, unscrew the remaining 4 bolts equally, but leave them hanging in the threads a little bit.
    Then remove the water intake screens, and unscrew the two brass fittings on the shift rod, turning only the upper one because if the lower half is turned the shift linkage length could be changed.
    Then use a pair of needle nose pliers and slide the upper brass fitting up the shift rod. Next carefully remove the plastic cone shaped keeper that was underneath the brass fitting. The keeper has a vertical slit, use a finger nail or small screwdriver to open the slit, and remove. Shift the gearshift in forward position. The upper brass nut should be then removable. Lower the lower unit slowly. The drive shaft slides out on its splines. Good Luck


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      Re: Replacing Water Pump on a 1997 25 hp Evinrude

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