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1970 115HP Evinrude Starter

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  • 1970 115HP Evinrude Starter

    I have a 1970 115HP Evinrude. It was starting and running fine until last week. When I went to start the motor, the wheel on the starter would engage the fly wheel, however it would turn very slowly or not at all. I tried it several times with no change. I figured it was not getting enough power from the battery, so I check it. The battery was reading on the week side, I charged it however it still read week. Therefore I got a new battery for it. With the new battery there was no change, but i didnt notice that the battery wires were very hot after a few attempts to start it. Any idea what the problem is or what I should check next?


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    Re: 1970 115HP Evinrude Starter

    Wires getting hot indicates too much resistance somewhere. Clean and inspect all wires for corrosion, it may be time for new wires as well, they are after all almost 40 yrs old if original. You could also try disconnecting the wiring from the starter and try jumping it directly using jumper cables, taking the wiring out of the equation, it might be the starter as well, if they are bad they will draw too much power causing the cables to heat up.
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      Re: 1970 115HP Evinrude Starter

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      I agree with bk. The most likely spot for the corrosion is where the negative battery cable attaches to the engine block.


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        Re: 1970 115HP Evinrude Starter

        I had the same symptom w/ my '98 90 HP Force. Took the starter apart to check everything and found the shaft bushings were dry. Greased them up and it works great now. As said try jumper cables from batt to starter including grounding directly to starter. If it still won't turn over I'm sure it's dry bushings.
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          Re: 1970 115HP Evinrude Starter

          Thanks for the ideas. I will try them and let you all know what happens!


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            Re: 1970 115HP Evinrude Starter

            90% of starter problems are bad connections. remove and clean both ends of the battery cables, so that they are shiney, also the cable from the solenoid to starter. check for nicks in the cables. and make sure the connectors are on the wire good. the cable tend to corrode from the inside out, if nicked, corroded wires, and connections, heat up and cause resistance to the follow of electricity, thus the starter doesn't get enough. you can also take jumper cable pos battery post to large post on starter. with a good connection, the engine should spin. then if the starter is good clean everything and retest. then trouble shoot solenoid. starters can be rebuit at a starter/alternator shop, much cheaper than a new one.

            also have the battery load tested at the auto parts store, free, i've had new batteries go bad
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