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What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

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  • What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

    What kind of carb solution do you soak your carbs in when you clean and rebuild them??

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    Re: What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

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      Re: What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

      In that gallon bucket of solvent (the kind that has the metal parts basket in it) that I got at the auto parts store. I think it's Berryman Chem-Dip, or something toxic like that...
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        Re: What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

        Cautionary Note: Some newer carbs have plastic bodies or other parts. Make sure you use a carb cleaner approved for that or you'll end up buying new carbs.

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          Re: What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

          I soaked and cleaned mine with SeaFoam before I blew them out with air.

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            Re: What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

            I took a course last year in outboard repair and maintenance at my local community college. My instructor said it was a bad idea to use the kind of carb cleaner that has been used on automotive carbs for years. Something about the type of metal that the manufacturers are using to cast the bodies ... potentially been infused with some substance that could be broken down by a long soaking in such cleaners ... making the carb body porous and actually prone to leak fuel through the metal. (Sounds impossible, I know!)

            He recommended using one of the de-carb products like Engine Tuner or Power Tune.
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              Re: What do you guys soak your Carbs in ?

              You know that is not that far fetched of an idea, I took 3 cans of autozone's own brand carb cleaner and cleaned my outboards carbs with it, however i did this on a metal bowl and after 3 cans I had like a nice pool of carb cleaner which then I proceeded to soak my carb in it overnight and now I can see that the bottom of the carb where the bowl is always wet, it looks like it soaks gas, since its not wet around it, it has a new gasket and tight screw. I first tought it is soaking but then threw the idea away thinking its impossible.