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Remote steering kit?

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  • Remote steering kit?

    What parts do I need on my 74 sportster 25hp tiller motor so I can hook it up for remote steering? I have never had to do this before any help is appricated.

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    Re: Remote steering kit?

    First thing you need to know is what kind of steering you plan to use? There are two broad catagories: Push-pull cable and cable over pulleys.

    Then you need an attachment that clips or bolts to the front carrying handle of the motor for whatever type of steering you are using. The steering will connect to that attachment.

    Then you need a two-lever remote control for the shift and throttle. These are usually available on e-bay at a decent price. But be aware that when you buy a new control it comes without the cables that you buy separate. But the control includes the clips and doo-dads for connecting the cables to the motor. When buying used stuff you rarely get all the doo-dads and will be scrambling around looking for doos and dads.

    Some stuff is available here at iboats.

    Best is to visit an Evinrude dealer to see what is involved. Or at least look at somebody elses boat. You can also go to http://shop2.evinrude.com/ Click on the down-arrow where it defaults to Evinrude, then select OB Accessories, then follow the prompts.


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      Re: Remote steering kit?

      what type boat, a picture of the boat, and transom area would help, get down to actual parts.
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