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Synthetic oil for two stroke outboard?

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  • Synthetic oil for two stroke outboard?

    Good evening,

    I am gathering the parts I need to get my engne running again. Its a 1986 200hp Evinrude.

    I remember that this engine put out a very noticable cloud of smoke everytime I used it. Ive had it for 20 year now. Before it broke down, two years ago I heard that one could use synthetic two stroke on outboards, but never got to try it.

    The VRO was eliminated many years ago and Ive always mixed in tank to a 50:1 ratio (3 ounces per gallon+/-).

    I did the sea foam treatment a few times but after a couple of uses it was smoking again like before.

    Will synthetic two stroke oil reduce the smoking and or benefit in lubrication of my engine?

    Should I reduce the ratio to 75:1 or raise it to 25:1 with sythetic oil?

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    Re: Synthetic oil for two stroke outboard?

    Keep the mix 50:1 regardless ... 75:1 and you will be buying a new or rebuilt powerhead. Synthetic will probably produce less smoke.

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      Re: Synthetic oil for two stroke outboard?

      whats color is the smoke? white and goes away pretty quickly or blue and seems to go on and on and on
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        Re: Synthetic oil for two stroke outboard?

        Its white smoke at start up and idle and when flushed with the earmufs on trailer it stained the fence black with the prop exhaust.

        So white cloud but black stains on fence surface when flushed.