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Tilt/Trim Cylinder Leaks - '73 Evinrude 85HP

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  • Tilt/Trim Cylinder Leaks - '73 Evinrude 85HP

    I have a leaking Power Tilt/Trim cylinder rod seal on my 1973 Evinrude 85HP motor, Model 85393M. I cannot find the PTT unit on any Evinrude parts drawings even though it is an Evinrude unit based on the original labels on the pump unit.

    Does anyone know where I can find hydraulic cylinder repairs parts or a kit for this unit? So far I have only found PTT motors - no seals.

    This model has 2 tilt/trim cylinders mounted outboard of the transom mount. The pump/reservoir unit is mounted to the starboard side of the starboard cylinder. The pump unit has "HYB 5001" and "38 75" stamped on it.

    Your assitance is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Tilt/Trim Cylinder Leaks - '73 Evinrude 85HP

    do you have an OEM Johnson Evinrude manual? T&T were fairly new back then, i can't find any diagram either. i have noticed that is one thing lacking in the J/E diagrams.
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      Re: Tilt/Trim Cylinder Leaks - '73 Evinrude 85HP

      I have the manual for that outboard but there is no mention or picture of a PTT. Also, the various online parts schematics do not show a PTT.

      I may have to go by the nearest Evinrude dealer at some point but that is 60+ miles away. I was hoping to identify the parts and order online.

      Just occurred to me that this unit might be from a later model so I will look at later parts diagrams to see if something matches. The motor was rigged like this when my father bought the bought 20+ years ago. It has gotten to where fluid leaks out enough over a few outings that I can't tilt the motor enough for trailering or trim it out under load. I figured that I would replace the rod seals and the piston rings and it would be good as new.

      Not bad for a 35 year old motor!


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        Re: Tilt/Trim Cylinder Leaks - '73 Evinrude 85HP

        How many screws hold the hydraulic pump to the resevoir, 4 or 5? How many wires exit the top of the motor, and what colours are they?

        Any pics of your setup?

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          Re: Tilt/Trim Cylinder Leaks - '73 Evinrude 85HP

          All of the 85 and 115 V4 motors from 1973 through 1977 use the same Power tilt and trim units; the 135 also used the same unit through 1976.

          You will find it listed in the BRP on-line parts manuals under OB Accessories 1973 in the Electrical section: http://epc.brp.com/default.aspx?brands=ej&lang=e

          This includes the complete parts breakdown.

          If you want to see what is available from BRP, look for the same titles in the BRP store: http://shop.evinrude.com/

          Note that there were also tilt-only units available for these motors as well.


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            Re: Tilt/Trim Cylinder Leaks - '73 Evinrude 85HP

            Thanks EZEKE!

            I found out exactly what you described while searching other years and larger HP V4 motors at www.shop.evinrude.com . The hydraulic components are the same. The base mount casting on mine looks like the 1976 version (one piece as opposed to 2 piece) but most everything else is the same. I will double check against the BRP info.

            I found out that the starboard cylinder (the one that leaks) is the TILT cylinder and the port cylinder is for TRIM. The internals are different between the two cylinders.

            Looks like for about $20 plus shipping I can get the seal kit and a needed oring for one cylinder.

            The repair looks a little more complicated than I expected but nothing ventured, nothing gained! About the only special tool seems to be a spanner wrench to remove the cylinder end cap.

            If I am successful (or not), I will relay the results back here. IF all works out, I might rebuild the other hydraulic cylinder to get my rig in tip top shape.

            Off I go!

            Thanks all for the assistance.