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Carb for 1973 Johnson 20 HP

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  • Carb for 1973 Johnson 20 HP

    Would like to purchase a rebuilt carb for this motor or I will pay an expert to rebuild my carb.

    Another ??? - What is the plastic deal over the center of the head that has
    a spring on it and the spring is not connected to anything.

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    Re: Carb for 1973 Johnson 20 HP

    the only thing i see on the diagram, on the top center of the head is the thremostat housing, and cover. don't know if it would be plastic. a pictures would surely help.
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      Re: Carb for 1973 Johnson 20 HP

      He is talking about the recoil starter lockout. It prevents pulling the starter rope when the throttle is set too far toward "fast". There are actually two plastic parts involved. One may be missing???


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        Re: Carb for 1973 Johnson 20 HP

        check out this website it has exploded part views for your engine http://www.shop.evinrude.com.


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          Re: Carb for 1973 Johnson 20 HP

          And as for rebuilding your carb, it is very easy. It will take you longer to remove and replace the carb then it will to rebuild it. and the carb kits are cheap. But if you still dont want to do it, take it to your local OMC dealer. And if you can remove the carb yourself it will be a lot easier and cheaper for you/them. If not, take the entire engine in.

          BTW, my local OMC dealer does not work on engines older than '74. Im sure others vary but I would call first.


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            Re: Carb for 1973 Johnson 20 HP

            That said, if you have the ability to get it off the motor, rebuilding it is even easier. It looks scary at first, but it is really easy.

            Get a kit, print off the exploded view of the carb from a parts manuel, and a bucket of the carb cleaner at an Auto Parts store. You can have it all done in a couple relaxing hours one evening. In a pinch, you can do it all in less than an hour once you have done it a couple times.

            One hint, if you are nervous about it, is to take a digital camera and take a few pictures from different angles every step of the way. It gives you good confidence that you can get everything back together again. I did it on my first one and only refferred to it once for the linkage assembly, but was a good boost to my confidence innitially.

            Good luck!
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