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How do I do a tune up on a 1989 Johnson 25HP?

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  • How do I do a tune up on a 1989 Johnson 25HP?

    Hi all,

    I am new to boating and wanted to do a tune up to my 25hp motor before I take it out for a run. What is needed and how do I do it? What fuel/oil mixture should I use? Also is it possible/practical to convert the motor from pull start to electric start? Would it be expensive?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: How do I do a tune up on a 1989 Johnson 25HP?

    i take it this is a new motor to you, i would do the following, 1st to see what you have for sure.

    fuel 50 : 1 50 87 octane ; 1 TC-W3 outboard motor oil.
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      Re: How do I do a tune up on a 1989 Johnson 25HP?

      Model is J25RLCEM. I already changed the spark plugs and it ran with some back fire. I need to check the compression.