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65 hp Johnson charging system help please

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  • 65 hp Johnson charging system help please

    I have a 72 johnson 65 hp electric shift. I beleive the charging system has stopped working as my battery died last time out. The voltmeter agrees(voltage drops to 10 or so when lights and bilge pump are turned on. I have checked the diodes because my neighbor beleives this is the problem, but reading here, I think they are just for the electric shift on this motor. Is this correct?

    Anyhow, when I test the diodes they show open circuit both directions when cold and 1 way closed and the other open when hot. Is this normal?

    Any ideas as to what else could be the trouble? Rectifier maybe?

    Thank you very much in advance for any info that might help.

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    Re: 65 hp Johnson charging system help please

    Rectifier, definatly check it. If you are using a digital meter, it may not work properly as a diode tester. Mine won't either. But my cheapo $9 analog meter from Wal-Mart tests them just fine.


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      Re: 65 hp Johnson charging system help please

      Thanks F R, I will check the rectifier.

      About the diodes, are they for the shift system or the charging system on this motor?

      Thanks again.