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Johnson Colt question

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  • Johnson Colt question

    I have acquired a Johnson Colt that was purchased new in the summer of 1987.

    Model JCOCDR
    Serial b0108474
    Made in Belgium

    It was a back up motor that was never needed. It has NEVER been started.

    I have no manual but there is a confusing sticker on the top by the gas tank.
    It says fuel 100 oil 1.

    This blows my old man mind. Every other engine I have ever owned is 50:1.

    I have not checked to see if it will start after all of these years because I am confused by this sticker. The previous owner was not aware. He always assumed he would gas it with the tank he used for his main engine at 50:1 when the time came, which it never did.

    Anyone know what's up with this? Any other things to look for in a 21 year old "new" motor?

    I plan to power a canoe with it. It should do the trick if I figure all of this out.

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    Re: Johnson Colt question

    The proper fuel mixture is 50-1. You should remove the 100-1 sticker to avoid further confusion. I would go ahead and replace the water pump impeller, after 20 years it would be foolish to rish a zero hours motor over a $20 part. I have a little colt that I run on an 18' grumman flat back canoe. It is an absoloutly wonderful motor for this application. Best of luck and let us know if you get it running
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      Re: Johnson Colt question

      100:1 was an OMC disaster. Run 50:1