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Wiring a System Check Gauge

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  • Wiring a System Check Gauge

    I am replacing my 1991 200HP Evinrude with a 1998 225 Evinrude.

    The harness that came with it has provision for plugging into a system check tach and a analog tach. I prefer to keep my analog tach and add just the system check only gauge. Will the connector from the tach w/system check gauge fit a system check only gauge ?

    Also ....my older 91 VRO was by-passed but I want to use the 98's VRO system. The VRO oil tank has two wires coming from it. Where does this brown and black wire plug into? .

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    Re: Wiring a System Check Gauge

    ST, to the best of my knowledge, the tach and gauge both use the same 8-pin plug. You should find the black/brown VRO tank connection behind and/or under where the other 3 harnesses hook up on the port side of the motor.


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      Re: Wiring a System Check Gauge

      Thanks Fish

      In looking at the wiring diagram from the shop manual, the connector marked VRO seems to be a four wire plug. I assume it will become clear when I get to the motor (today) there will be a logical receptacle for the two wire connector from the oil tank