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Water pump kit, grease, sealant, and lube?

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  • Water pump kit, grease, sealant, and lube?

    I'm attempting to do a water pump kit on my '81' 90hp evinrude. The directionS I have list some things I need like,

    Adhesive M Sealant
    Triple-guard Grease
    Gasket Sealing compound
    Outboard Lubricant
    Needle Bearing Assembly Grease

    Are all these necessary? Can anyone tell me some equilvants to these that I might be able to pick up at an auto parts store or online. Thanks..............

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    Re: Water pump kit, grease, sealant, and lube?

    Rather than starting from scratch, I'll just C&P what's already been posted:

    Courtesy of Joe Reeves...
    "1. OMC Moly Lube = Any anti corrosive lube/grease.

    2. OMC Adhesive Sealant = Marprox Sealer 1000, also available as Boat Armor Sealer 1000. (or maybe 3M #847) or Permatex Form-A-Gasket Sealant 1-B (ezeke)

    3. OMC Triple-Guard Grease (is this white lithium gease?) = This is OMC's anti corrosive grease. Evinrude color is blue, Johnson is green. This is not the white lithium grease.

    4. OMC Gasket Sealing Compound = Regular gasket sealing compound. Comes in a can with a small brush in its screw off cap.

    5. OMC Outboard Lubricant (is this 2-stroke oil?) = I have no idea what they're referring to here, or for what purpose.

    6. OMC Needle Bearing Assembly Grease = Any anti corrosive grease.

    Bottom line = As follows:

    (Gasket Sealers - Available at any first rate automotive parts type store.)

    Do Not use any type of sealer on outboard carburetor or intake manifold gaskets as this would cause blockage of various fuel/air passageways. Also, there are new type gaskets which are used through out the engines that are coated with a substance that gives a shinny appearance to them. These gaskets are coated with a self sealer and are to be installed as is.... no sealers! Older style head and fuel related gaskets that are not coated with this substance are to be simply coated with oil.... nothing else.

    All other gaskets (hopefully I've not overlooked anything above) should be coated with Gasket Sealer (the type that comes in a can that has a small brush in its screw off cap).

    Sealer 1000 or OMC Adhesive (same substance) should be used on any metal to metal or metal to plastic surface (such as impeller hsg to plate) to eliminate air leaks. It should also be used on the Spaghetti tubing that is used on many powerhead crankcase halves, lower unit skegs, etc. I have found that this substance works quite well on various "O" Rings such as what are found on lower unit carrier and upper driveshaft bearing housings (Note that this substance is obviously not to be used on all "O" Rings).

    DO NOT use any sealer on the large "O" Rings that are used on the upper and lower crankcase heads (The housing/heads that slide over the top and bottom of the crankshaft). On those "O" Rings, use only a coating of grease.

    Sealer 1000 may also be found in other brand names such as "Boat Armor" but the name of Sealer 1000 will always be mentioned on the tube.

    The exception of surface to surface contacts pertains to the later model matching crankcase (block) halves (which does not incorporate spaghetti tubing) which call for "Gel-Seal", or any other surface that calls for Gel-Seal."

    In addition, 3M Scotch-Grip Rubber & Gasket Adhesive can be found at Grainger's for about half price.


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      Re: Water pump kit, grease, sealant, and lube?


      I justed used permatex gasket sealer for my pump install which is the Gasket Sealing compound as they have labled in the diagrams. The Lube for the drive shaft should come with your kit. All the others seem not needed to me. Everything went well


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        Re: Water pump kit, grease, sealant, and lube?

        Does the gasket sealer, used between the pump housing and plate, harden up? If so, is it easily taken apart and clean-able?


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          Re: Water pump kit, grease, sealant, and lube?

          Thank you guys I'm heading to the store now to get this done, iboats forum has come through again!