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Power Pack ground wire on 1989 Evinrude V-4 SPL 88 horsepower

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  • Power Pack ground wire on 1989 Evinrude V-4 SPL 88 horsepower

    Good day everyone,

    I have got a question concerning the power pack ground (single Black wire with yellow stripe) my Evinrude 88 horsepower SPL V-4 model# E88MSLCER. Where the single black/yellow stripe wire connects at the power pack at the engine there is a break inside the boot. What I mean is when I go to that black/yellow stripe wire that goes into a boot connector that connects to the boot connector going to the power pack to me it looks like there is a pin that goes inside another pin and when I go to turn the ignition key off up front at the remote control the engine will not shut off it still satys running until I go back to the engine at the connection and push the wire back towards the boot then the engine will shutt off. The problem I am having is figuring out how I am going to fix it replace it. Is that black/yellow stripe wire suppose to pull out from inside the boot and that end that disconnects suppose to have like a pin looking end? Because when I separate the boot from the wire there is a pin on the wire but there is also a pin inside that boot. What do you guys think I should do to fix it ? I don't want to take it to the marine dealer and I don't want to put any different type of electrical end on it because if I have to replace the power pack in the future I will have to cut the boot end off of it and put on a different connector. I am confident that is what the problem is from keeping the engine from shutting off when the key is put in the off position.

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    Re: Power Pack ground wire on 1989 Evinrude V-4 SPL 88 horsepower

    Yeap thats the Kill wire going to the pack. I recently done some checks on mine and if you disconnect that wire you can not kill the motor with the key switch. Sounds like the amphenol pin connector is pushing out of the boot when you try to put it together or the pin to socket is just loose and needs replacing. You can replace just the amphenol pin and socket if needed using the same boot. You may need the special tools to do this. If its just pushing out when you try to connect it you might can hold the wire firmly to keep it from pushing out.

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      Re: Power Pack ground wire on 1989 Evinrude V-4 SPL 88 horsepower

      Shoud have a connector that looks like this one: (Far right)


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        Re: Power Pack ground wire on 1989 Evinrude V-4 SPL 88 horsepower

        Hokedonj and Rickdb1boat,

        I just came from my boat and yes I pulled the wire away from the boot connector and pulled the pin out from the boot yes the pin is broken part of the pin is still on the black/yellow stripe wire and the other part of the pin was inside the boot. I now see that that is why I had to push the wire back in to make contact with the rest of the pin inside the boot before the engine shut off. Yes, Rickdb1boat that is exactly what my power pack looks like on my boat engine. Did you find that picture on Ebay?