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Coil switch

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  • Coil switch

    I got the starter and solenoid put on my 85 johnson and it started!!! Well, almost started. I had sparks coming from the coils. My question is, Can I remove the coils that are on the 140 Evinrude that I just have laying around and put on the 85 Johnson? they look the same.

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    Hi Shady, You need to post the year, model numbers on both engines to get a response other than this one. Your description is a bit misleading. Sounds like you have sparks flying from your coils. Seeing your post I thought of lightning under the cowl. And a coil switch ? Sounds like a noun not a verb. It caught my eye. Look up both motors parts list, go to ignition or electrical . Check the parts numbers on both motors and voila.


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      Thanks yeah there is no "coil switch" I never thought about that. Anyhow I thought they were the same but they are not. I have a 1974 85hp Johnson on my pontoon. A friend a man gave me a 140 horsepower Evinrude, from which I got a couple parts from but there are differences in the coils.


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        If they two engines are using the same type setup to fire the coils, then it could work. But only if the two coils mount the exact same way. And that could be the reason they don't share the same part numbers as well. A light different mounting setup. Check the wiring diagram/schematics and see how both engines are setup to fire the coils. If one uses a electronic ignition and the other one doesn't, may not work quite right. The impedance of the primaries could be totally different.

        I say that because I once was looking for a cowling seal for my 1976 40 HP Johnson engine. They stopped making that part for that engine. However, they still made that same seal for newer engines with different part numbers. So I bought the newer part number seal and it worked perfectly. And those part numbers were nothing close to each other. You just have to be really cleaver to decode some parts... JMHO
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          They did not mount the same way so I ordered and they will he here in a few days. I really hope I get this boat on the water before winter:/