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Recoil spring lubrication Qs

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  • Recoil spring lubrication Qs

    My 1981 Evenrude 25HP outboard, model # E25RCIM.
    I'm wondering if I need to periodically lubricate anything that works with the rope starting section, such as the recoil spring?
    I have looked at the 'area' when I have the engine cover off. But I see no port of any kind to allow one to lubricate the spring.
    I sure would hate to have that spring break due to dried lubricant! I'm a believer in preventive maintenance practices!
    I have never had to take off the recoil starter and replace the rope, or anything related. It looks intimidating. But I would if I have good instructions from members here!
    Perhaps there is a easy means to lubricate what ever might need some oil? and do it with out removing anything?

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    Take the recoil off the motor.------There may be ports that allow you to lubricate the spring.------Do NOT LUBRICATE the spring thingy that engages the plastic pawl to turn the flywheel.


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      Thank you racerone! so, is removing the recoil a simple matter of unbolting it and lifting off? and then sitting it back down on, and re-bolting? or,.. will the spring unwind? and should I watch for small parts to come loose and off? etc?
      What lubricant is recommended / suggested by members, to use on the spring?
      and what ever else SHOULD I lubricate while in there? and with what type/ form of lubricant?
      I have several different types in cans, and 20 W in my oil can. I have several different types of automotive grease, and white lithium. Molybdenum. etc.
      I'm seeking details, so there will be no surprises or very few surprises. None that will make me regret taking it off in the first place.


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        As far as the spring goes, most any automotive grease will do. It is there only to make the coils slide against each other, not to prevent breakage, which is just one of "those things" that happen. Nothing is going to fly apart to bite you unless you remove the center bolt from the pulley.


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          ??----There will be no surprises of any kind.


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            Thank you!!!!!!
            As it looks on a diagram, I found online, for the rewind starter for my motor, the starter pulley covers the spring. Will I be able to get lubricant on the spring? with out disassembly / removing the pulley that is?

            Also, in the diagram for the rewind spring. Can you tell me if : can I get to it, and I should lubricate, or not, the starter spindle?

            I suspect it spins on some metal piece, and could benefit from some lubricant since 1981?
            and with what lubricant?

            Will I need to remove the starter lockout cable? if so, how does it come off where the starter pulley is housed? And it looks in the diagram to be a plunger and not wires? should I lubricate it also? and how and with what?
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              Some starter pulleys have holes in them, some don't. Just look to see. If you want to get real brave, you can remove the spindle if you hold the pulley down.. But be warned, it can fly apart and bite you if you do. I suggest you leave it alone.