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1967 Johnson Seahorse electric. Running poorly

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  • 1967 Johnson Seahorse electric. Running poorly

    At the title says, Wondering where I should start and then next place then next. From there I can report and so forth.

    seemed to idle great in the barrel till I hit the lake and tried to use throttle. runs like a 7hp. Great trolling but thats full throttle lol

    plugs are correct, wires and coil seem to be good condition.

    Pulled plug wires as it was on and it seems only one side of the 4 cyl running.

    1,3 effected the motors idle and rev, would kill the motor if left unplugged

    2,4 changed nothing when unplugged.

    checked cap and rotor, both in great condition.

    contacts (points) dont seem bad but I also do not know much of them. (Seem mushroomed to me, but no charring or abnormal scorches ect)

    gas is fresh, oil is top, filter I clean.
    taking carbs apart in the morning.

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    Before you start tearing into things do some more diagnostic testing

    A compression test if you can borrow or steal a compression tester

    Test the sparks on all 4 leads. Be sure you can get a strong spark which will jump 1/4" to 5/16" from all 4

    If no sparks on 2 and 4 start investigating the reason .

    Have you checked plugs by swapping them around

    Turn your attention to the carbs if/when you have 4 good sparks


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      A lot of those motors have two sets of points. Both need to be cleaned and gaped so they open as the timing marks align.


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        Clean and set the points.


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          One set of points fires Cyl 1 and 3. Other fires 2 and 4.


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            Onto the points it is, however upon Inspecting this morning I have a white milky substance leaking from (what I assume) would be an exhaust port above the propeller... i believe i might have a lower end issue as well. Going to order new seals or a new motor, have not decided yet.


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              That is unburned fuel/oil mixed with water. Some is normal but there is excess because it is not burning in the missing cylinders


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                I hope you are right, I have confirmed no spark on the 2,4. Going to resurface the points and gap accordingly. Hope that brings the sparks


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                  Points corrected, firing on all 4 now.

                  The white whatever it is has come from the water intake. I'm thinking it's the driveshaft seal?
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200523_172351.jpg
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Size:	1.54 MB
ID:	10869413 Those 2 screws on the arm going to the distributor, are they suppose to be Tight or loosened?


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                      Well they should be tightened after everything is adjusted properly.-----Have not done one in a long time , so I would have to look at a manual.


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                        Originally posted by JustWarminUp View Post
                        Points corrected, firing on all 4 now.

                        The white whatever it is has come from the water intake. I'm thinking it's the driveshaft seal?
                        One of the most often asked questions here, at least every week. It is fuel/oil/water mix. But whatever you think it is is ok with me. That much oil would empty the gearcase in short order.


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                          Racerone, I would love to know half of what you have forgotten lol. Where could I find such a manual for this motor? I'm sure it would solve alot of problems.

                          F_R, I hope you are right that it is simply just blown out carbon deposits/Gas and Oil ect, but I have pulled the drain plug and inspected the brand new lower unit oil I put it last week (yesterday's venture being the first water exposure) it was dark deep green, is now a seafoam green. It is also not coming out the exhaust port, but the Water Intake

                          ( if my research is right the square hole directly above the propeller by about 2-3 inches on the underside of the "Fin" )

                          And the rate at which it will empty the lower unit is also my main concern as well, I almost do not want to touch the water again for fear of wrecking the beauty.

                          Edit: Yesterdays venture was 2-3hours in the water.


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                              I agree, I have gotten the info I needed from this post. I'll make more relevant ones for future problems.