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1981 Evinrude 25HP Service Manual

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  • 1981 Evinrude 25HP Service Manual

    Hi I currently have a new to me 1981 Evinrude 25HP E25TECIM. I’ve read the sticky about getting an old motor running (this one hasn’t ran in over 10 years), and first thing the sticky mentions is to find an OMC service manual for my outboard. I’m having some trouble locating said service manual, and was wondering if the below EBay link is the correct manual I need? Thank you!


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    Yes, Before you buy that do a compression test. Spray the cylinders with wd40 rotate a few times and let sit overnight then do the compression test.


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      Thanks for the reply. I did as you said also with Marvel Mystery Oil. Compression cane back at 95 on both cylinders; not great but engine has sat for over 10 years without running. I’m optimistic it will increase once I get it running. Good thing is the flywheel spun like butter.

      im gonna buy service manual, new spark plugs, water pump kit, carb rebuild kit. Anything else you can think of?

      also this is my first roller style and it’s rather difficult to push the tiller in so that the gears line up so when I turn the tiller the throttle engages. Is this normal? Or is there anyway to make it so I don’t have to push the tiller handle in so the gears align?



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        95 compression sucks try a different gauge. You should not have to push the tiller in to make the gears align something wrong there.


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          It’s a gap between the gear two gear shafts of the tiller. I guess I can just fill the gap with washers? Also 95 on both cylinders after sitting for close to 15 years is fine, it should go up a tiny bit after it runs.


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            Good luck with your motor.


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              The gears have to mesh -- will note the gaps in the teeth of the gears on disassembly (gear and gear shaft). Have to take it apart.
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