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1968 Johnson vxl-14b

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  • 1968 Johnson vxl-14b

    I bought a 1968 mfg beach comber and it has a Johnson 65hp 1968 vxl-14b outboard. I can't for the life of me figure out if it has a tell tale or not. Can anyone tell me if this engine is supposed to have water coming out of it when it's running?

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    There is no tell tale.----Folks did not need them in 1968 !----I see lots of motors with tell tales that have over heated.------Just a bit of water spits out with exhaust relief.----Water pours out of there at full throttle.-----If equipped with it , test your " hot light " or install a warning horn.


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      After it warms up it will spit water out that hole that's half way up the back of the motor.


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        Click image for larger version

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          Thank you all very much!!!


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            There is something you need to know. That is a thermostat controlled recirculating cooling system. The thermostat is constantly sampling the engine temp and opens and closes as necessary to maintain proper temp, Therefor the water you see exiting out the back varies according to thermostat state. But there should always be at least SOME spray. At idle speed and cold lake water, the thermostat might remain closed (SOME) light spray