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Ticking noise on ‘83 Johnson??

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  • Ticking noise on ‘83 Johnson??

    Hi gang. Hoping for some insight on a sudden noise that began today.

    i have a 1983 Johnson 90 horse with a jet leg on it. Has been running fine and then today I was cruising down river at full throttle and suddenly the motor started ticking in the top end. One second it was fine, the next second it was ticking. It speeds up and slows down according to RPM, and there’s no noticeable change in performance.

    I thought maybe it was a spark issue so while while it was running I leaned over and pushed on the spark plug wire and got quite a jolt.

    The tell tale is pissing water just fine. Any thoughts?

    im gonna run a compression test tonight and I’ll get some video of it running tomorrow. Thanks for any help!

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    Could be a few things, really need to narrow down where it comes from.
    No change in performance sounds like its not arcing
    Look at your sparkplug electrodes for signs of any damages/changes just in case


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      Those engines were known to have arcing from plug wires to the cowl latches. Your getting a jolt shows a weakness in the insulation


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        Compression test!!!!!
        When in doubt,Trim it out!!!
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          Thanks for the replies boys! To my relief it was a false alarm. A bolt had shaken loose and was rattling around under the head. The higher my rpm, the faster it rattled. Had her back on the river today and she ran like a dream!

          thanks again


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            Where exactly was this bolt rattling around ???


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              It came loose from the cover that sits between the two pairs of cylinders. Not exactly sure what’s beneath the cover but there’s about 20 bolts holding it on. The bolt was in plain sight and I was able to get it with a magnet.


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                That is a water cooled exhaust cover.-----Perhaps there were other bolts loose.----I suggest replacing the 2 gaskets.----Allows you to inspect pistons rings when covers are off.


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                  Check "all" of those bolts pertaining to the exhaust baffle plates... and tighten them securely. Loose bolts in that area could allow water to enter the cylinders. Apparently you were fortunate enough not to encounter that.

                  The definition of "ticking" normally pertains to wrist pin noise or a chipped pinion gear... something along those lines.

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