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Evinrude 120 No Spark Issue

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  • Evinrude 120 No Spark Issue

    Hi guys
    Been of the forum for a year or so but now need help.
    I have an evinrude 120 looper.
    She ran great on the muffs
    I then removed the VRO as i was going to run premix.
    Now after i did this and drove 75miles to the lake.

    Now she wont start. I have checked all coils for a spark but nothing.

    What i have done so far
    Replaced the battery. Was done before i had the issue.
    Connected all the VRO wires and hose back up.

    Removed the boat side of wiring so i know its not that.
    Jumped the starter with the red plug removed Still no spark. So i know it is engine side of wiring.

    I removed the one black and yellow wire from under the flywheel to the cdi ( is it the wire from the stator ??? ) Still no spark.
    This is an intermittent fault she she fired up for a bout 30 seconds on one try to get her going but died afterwords and wont even give a sign she wants to start again.

    Its has the CD3 Ignition system

    She has 125psi on all 4.

    When she was on the muffs and before i removed the VRO she ran and started first turn of the key.

    Am i missing something stupid ???

    I know what i am looking for on a Johnson Crossflow but loopers and CD3 is all new to me.

    This is driving me crazy Help guys please.

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    VRO wires and VRO have nothing to do with spark----What do you mean by CD3 ignition on the V-4 ??


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      Hi Racer
      On the back of the motor is what looks like a cdi power pack. It has CD3 written on it. Theres wires coming from under the fly wheel and connecting to the power pack. I thought i may have dislodge a wire when i was removing the VRO there is a block connector at the back of the Trim/Tilt relay box which i had to separate i dont know if i may have doing something then.


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        I see CD4 on these loopers.-----Model # of your motor ?


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          Sorry Racer the badge/sticker has been pulled off/ worn away. Cant find any thing like the crossflows have like a plug with the serial on it.


          • #6
            Is there away in which i can eliminate the kill circuit ?
            Just so i can rule that out of the equation ?

            I feel its a lose wire somewhere, the motor started fine and run on the muffs for 10 mins or so.

            Then after the bumpy 70 mile drive she would not start at all.

            I had to get towed to my mooring ( only because if you done have a boat on your mooring you lose the spot. I would rather have had her on the hard to do this work but i cant)

            I am at my limit of knowledge regarding these looper engines.


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              As far as the ignition system is concerned it works exactly the same way as a crossflow.-----Only the pieces look a little different.


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                So if i disconnect the blk/yei from the connection board (the strip with the all connections in it) The motor should run ??
                I understand that if it does run, i will have to cut the air or flood it with the choke to stop it.
                If it still does not run this way I may be looking at a new cdi unit ?


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                  How would you do this fault finding Racer ?
                  Am i correct in thinking the above ? Should i try a different approach ?
                  Its the only way i can think of to try and find this fault. You have forgotten more than i will ever know about OMC engines i apericate you taking the time to give me a help out over here in Scotland


                  • #10
                    Invest in a multimeter and do some checking.-------Parts under the flywheel can be checked without removing the flywheel.------I often recommend to inspect starter motor / clean / replace brushes on these motors.----Usually that gets a negative response from folks who do not know how these systems work.


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                      I have a meter and will get the settings from the net somewhere. Starter motor was new last summer, polished battery connections when i put the new battery in. I realize that if she is not spinning the flywheel fast enough there aint gonna be a spark.
                      Thing i may need to build is a DVA to use with my meter.

                      I have a factory manual on the 1980 Crossflow so will work using that procedure and then hopefully sort the problem out once and for all. I hope its just a kill wire earthing out. Now that would be good news.
                      I had to get most of the stuff i needed when building my 140 crossflow. (Still not started her for the first yet ) shipped in from the US

                      Will post my findings on here if i get her fixed


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