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1955 Johnson 5 1/2 lower unit drive spring

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  • 1955 Johnson 5 1/2 lower unit drive spring

    How would you go about inspecting the lower unit shaft spring to see if it is still in good condition and not broken?
    I took it out and cleaned it up a little and the spring is enclosed and I couldn't really see any way to inspect the inner spring while it was off.

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    Is there a Torque Spec in the Service Literature as to when it should slip?


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      Is there damage on the bottom of the bearing housing ?-----Is the top of the assembly damaged ?-----F R has the length of it handy I believe.-----Or measure and calculate the space below the bearing housing and see if shock absorber fits without interference.
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        Matter of fact, there is a torque spec. 155-225 inch pounds. But I must confess I've never torque tested one. If the bearing housing is heat damaged, the shock absorber is expanded, or was at some time. Clean out the hole in the center, then get it out in the sunlight and peer into the hole, looking for broken spring. If none is found, press it back together as far as it will go and see what you get. I suppose I have the correct length written down somewhere, but just off the top of my head, don't remember it.

        Note: expanded doesn't always mean broken. They tend to expand when in "slip" mode while abusing them by dredging rocks. That's why I say it is ok to press them back together if not broken.