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92 evinrude 60hp remote cuts out after 3/4 throttle

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  • 92 evinrude 60hp remote cuts out after 3/4 throttle

    I've been looking at a use boat and came across a 92 Crestliner Nighthawk 1640 with a 60hp Evinrude on it. In asking about the boat, I was told that it gets to 3/4 throttle just fine, but cuts out completely past that. Compression is supposedly good across all the cylinders, and was told that it was checked over by the marina at Okoboji and they were told "That's just the way it is". Other than that I'm told that it runs well, and the boat looks to be well taken care of.

    I'm pretty good mechanically, but I'm not experienced with outboards. My first thought is that it's fuel starved above 3/4 and just dying. I guess my question is, not knowing outboards that well, what's the risk that this is a horrible deep seeded issue that would be easier just to replace the motor than try to fix? or what are the chances that it a "Oh, well it was a common issue with these motors, just do X,Y,Z."

    Assuming that what I'm told about good compression and running fine up to 3/4 is accurate, how much of an issue does this sound like?

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    No,no-----That is not the way they are !----Some simple trouble shooting needs to be done here.-------Test run with another tank and hose.-----Operate the manual pump if it falters.-----Do check the compression again.--------Check for overheating.----Check for water in the fuel.-----Make sure the timer base ( ignition advance ) operates smoothly.---Make sure it is fitted with the correct propeller.------I can not believe a shop would say it is normal.


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      I have a hard time believing that too. I think there's something seriously wrong with it and they're trying to get rid of it. I mentioned checking the compression and got "Once you buy it, you can check whatever you want. The boat's 2 hours away and it's still ice season up here so it would be a couple months before I could even start it. I think it's time to just pass, the boat may be a great deal even without the motor, but potentially having to track down another motor or spend weeks working on it when I should be fishing is not.

      Thanks for the sanity check.