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‘68 18hp fastwin fuel&ignition synchronization adjustment question

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  • ‘68 18hp fastwin fuel&ignition synchronization adjustment question

    1968 Evinrude Fastwin 18hp 18802a

    Hello all. As the title states I’m looking for some direction a little more clear than my manual states. I understand the car follower should align in between the two marks on the pointer as soon as the linkage arm moves allowing more fuel to flow through carb. This timing is slightly off on my engine, I would like for it to be exact if I can help it.

    The instructions for for my motor (other Evinrude/Johnson motors of similar hp and year have different directions) state to “loosen the 2 screws under the armature plate and move the primary pick-up inward or outward to meet follower”

    I’m assuming the primary pick-up is the piece the cam rolls against that has the marks. There are two screws under the armature plate that are almost impossible to access with everything in tact. And I don’t see how loosening those screws will allow anything to move inward or outward to meet follower.

    Im sure I’m overthinking this, but would love if anyone has more laymans terms they could put this in and maybe a tip or two.

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    Directions are correct. You have to loosen the two Cam bolts, which are a little difficult to get at, and then position the Cam roller at the marks. The right cam Bolt slides in a groove so that the cam can be moved in and out. Adjust in or out as needed until the throttle rod just starts to open the butterfly in the carb when the roller hits the marks. Then tighten the cam bolts. You're done!


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      Thanks a lot! It worked just like the directions said. Imagine that. I was confused because they refer to them as screws, and there are 2 flathead screws on the back side of the plate linkage. The ones you have to loosen are hex head, so in my mind that makes them bolts. Also, the one I could get a good look (hex head in left) i could obviously tell it was not slotted.

      Now that I’ve made my case as to why I can’t follow directions. Thank you for the help!