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Cold weather evinrude operation

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    Originally posted by dingbat View Post
    in the hole is not problem at all. Anyone running equipment in the winter has a couple of cans in the back of the truck.

    Spraying it in the air box is a good way to blow your air box to bits. Guessing you’ve never used the starting fluid to put tractor and truck tires back on the rim bfore
    Good point. Ive never thought of that before and is pretty obvious now i think about it. Done it to tons of engines and guess ive just been lucky enough to never catch a backfire


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      It's all finesse , which a lot of folks don't seem to have...When you use starting fluid ALWAYS use the least possible. A fine mist is enough. Yes, raceone, seems plausible that if true gas would wash them ol' cylinder walls too if that is what you mean. I think the next charge in the cycle brings in enough oil to meditate the gas/ether charge, but I am not advanced to know for sure.


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        Originally posted by racerone View Post
        Would gasoline wash the oil off the cylinders / bearings ??-------On direct injected motors would gasoline wash oil off the cylinders ?
        Gasoline will wash oil off. but in a carbed or EFI 2 stroke fresh oil is always coming along, but you know that. In a DFI, as you know, does inject the oil into the crankcase. If I were to try priming a DFI by spraying gasoline into the throttle valve, I would use a premix. Myself, I would never user Ether in a gasoline 2 stroke