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1992 Evinrude Outboard Starting Issues

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  • 1992 Evinrude Outboard Starting Issues

    Hello Everyone,

    Specifications on my outboard are as follows:
    40 horse power outboard
    2 stroke engine

    I have a 40 HP Evinrude outboard that has some starting issues. When I would turn the key I would hear the first initial beep indicating that there is electricity going to the cranking motor. The engine would then crank fine and the engine would start. I would let the engine run for about 3 minutes and a beeping noise would start to appear. The beeping sound is coming from the area near the ignition key where I put my key in to start the outboard. The beeping sound would continue and the motor will still run however. Then I would shut off the motor and let it sit there for about 2 minutes and when I try to start the engine again I would get that initial single beep indicating that there is power going to the cranking motor and now the engine will not even crank. I checked my battery and there is a full charge, the engine oil is full and my fuel tank is full. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the issue? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


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    The " beep " is a self test for the warning horn.-----Nothing to do with power to the starter I think.------Have you checked the water pump ?-----Is the motor overheating ?------Have you confirmed that the oil injection is in service and actually working ?-----Best sort this out before turning the key again !!


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      I'll add that any further attempts to run the motor should be with 50:1 in the tank, including draining the line and carb bowls. The beeping indicates a failure of the VRO oil system.

      best compression test this motor before going further....
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