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2017 Evinrude 3.5 Water Telltale

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  • 2017 Evinrude 3.5 Water Telltale

    Hi all,

    I have a 2017 Evinrude 3.5. The Evinrude, mercury, and Tohatsu 3.5 engines are all identical. Anyways we have been running it pretty hard this duck season and in below freezing conditions and my water telltale is now not spitting out water. It is more of a slow drip. I had noticed some algae in the intake but it seemed to have cleared up. I first noticed that it wasn't streaming water right after I changed both the engine oil as well as the gear oil. Both oil changes were a little messy but I am not sure if that would have affected the water telltale.

    I tried clearing the tube that the water comes out of and that didn't seem to be an issue. On these smaller engines I don't think there is the second hose that runs to the engine as it looked like the hose went straight up into the engine block. I don't know if there are more place it could be clogged up but I could not find any accessible areas that the water line ran through. After that did not work I pulled the lower unit and as you can see from this
    Click image for larger version

Name:	impeller 2.jpg
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    the impeller looked a bit funky. I cleaned it and put it back in like so
    Click image for larger version

Name:	impeller 1.jpg
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ID:	10693792 and I am still not getting any water coming out.

    My knowledge of engines is pretty limited but I try and do as much diy as I can. The motor probably has about 40 hours on it total. Any suggestions?

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    Is the impeller drive pin in place ?

    Have you tried flushing through with a hose attached to the water tube or back flushing through the tell tale ?


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      Is that OB used in salt water ? Said that peeing was very poor, when pulled lower leg it got worse, now doesn't pee at all ? Does this OB use a water hose that runs from upper crankcase outwards ? If so, need to disconnect it and run a thin wire, plastic cannula up-down through peeing hole several times. If it's partially or fully clogged water won't make its wat out...

      Check that water pump grommet has matched middle upper water tube right or won't see any water coming out if iternal peeing tube was the issue.

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