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1995 90hp overheat

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    Any other ideas?? There has to be a reason for low water pressure, what am I missing.

    Removed the lower unit today, redid the water pump, inspected the water tube for the few inches I can see. I tried running weedeater string up the tub then it stops about where it enters the power head. I bought a submersible pump and pumped a water/vinegar mix through the motor for hours. It did remove a few things but nothing crazy. Put lower unit back on then ran in a tub with vinegar water mix and nothing seemed to change. Took it out today and water pressure is still the same..around 11-12 psi. Will a block water passage cause low water pressure??


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      Anyone else have any ideas? Mechanic is a 6 week wait


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        still no luck with low water pressure. Still troubleshooting


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          Poppets or t-stats installed improperly will cause low pressure also.....
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