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1975 Johnson 6hp 6r75r gearcase.

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  • 1975 Johnson 6hp 6r75r gearcase.

    Hi there,

    Trying to get an old oil leak sealed up in my little 6hp. Ive managed to source the seals and o-rings etc and have it all apart ready to go. Just had a question about the oil seal. Diagrams attached show the oil seal (49) and a head and bearing (48). All references to the bearing and seal show them as separate parts. In looking at the bearing and spares on the web pages this appears to be a single assembly as shown. Is the oil seal a part of this assembly and can it be removed and replaced or does the entire assembly need to be replaced. It looks to me that the oil seal is in the end of the bearing assembly. Obviously I don't want to damage it any further and hoped someone might have an answer.

    Is this the bearing and seal together? Shown as separate items

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    I believe there was a change made to the OD of the seal and there may be a different part # 313282--It is shown as an assembly for that reason.-----Pop the seal out and measure it to get the replacement.


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      Some---that is SOME years had a pressed-on fish line guard washer, which supposedly kept you from accessing and replacing the seal. Of course we all knew that all you had to do was pop the washer off and replace the seal as always. Yes, there are a couple of seal sizes.


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        Many thanks there. So I should be able to pop the seal out without too much trouble.?



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          Well yes and no. Some people find them a challenge. But yes, however you can push/shove/pull it out will work.


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            Ive managed to get this out and replace now. Many thanks to all. NO oil leaks so far.


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              very important to cut the spaghetti seal square against the prop shaft oil seal carrier

              did you change the shift rod seal (O ring) and the drive shaft seal under the water pump


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                Hi guys,

                Well this worked for me for a while. Started leaking again a month after my last post. Should I be using any sealant here. My thinking was the rubber O ring and seal would do the job. Maybe I need to add some RTV or something to the surfaces. Any further advice. Cheers


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                  Did you replace the shift rod O-RING ??


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                    Yeah I replaced it all. Oil leak is low down either from the prop shaft seal or one of the O rings. I've looked around a bit more and I see many advising the use of 3M 847 gasket sealant on the mating surfaces of the lower gearcase. Ive replaced all the seals and O rings but it looks to me like its coming from the prop shaft still. It may be running down so it appears to come from the prop shaft. The 3M 847 sealant isn't available in Australia. Can someone advise of a suitable replacement.

                    Many thanks once again


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                      What condition was the shaft where the seal would contact?


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                        The bearing on the forward gear was properly lined up with the pin ?----Was gasket replaced under the upper bearing housing ?


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                          No question it's gear oil, not fuel/2-cycle/water running from a vent hole somewhere?


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                            All good here. Definitely gear oil. Its got its own smell. I've cleaned up all around the prop and shaft so any small leak will be noticed. Definitely coming from prop shaft seal. either from inside or outside of seal. Hard to tell. As I mentioned earlier all seals and gaskets were replaced. Initially I sealed it up with blue RTV. I've since re opened and cleaned it all up again. I'll try it again with a nice thin layer of blue RTV again (unless someone can tell me not to). Maybe I didn't get enough on the Oring around the seal carrier. I'll pay more attention to detail this time and make sure it all goes together smoothly. Maybe I put the oil back in too soon last time as well. This time I'll seal it all up and leave it a week before I put any oil back in it.