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Honda BF15 Ignition Questions

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  • Honda BF15 Ignition Questions

    My motor's obvious problem is no spark.

    First question is what should the impedance of the ignition coil's secondary circuit be on the BF15? I have two of these coils whose secondary circuits both read in the neighborhood of 28k ohms. Also a Wells C1275 (which cross references to the 30500-ZV4-013) spec says 28k. The repair manual says the secondary should read 8.01-9.79 ohms but I wonder if there is a typo here (such as a dropped "k"). By the way, the primary circuits reads correctly at 0.35-0.43. I'd hate to buy a third coil only to find out the other two are ok.

    As for the other components, the pulser coil reads in spec. The exciter coil also reads within spec. I checked the continuity in the wiring and all appear to be ok. I cannot test the CDI because I don't have the correct meter, but I have a spare and swapping them doesn't change things. Kill switch works properly, but I also disconnected it and that didn't help. I even removed the coil and tried running pulses from a battery across the primary circuit and got no spark.

    It seems other people have been through this but I believe I have tried everything posts I've read have suggested. I'll try cleaning the flywheel magnets and those for the pulser coil on the belt pulley although they both seem ok and see if that helps. But otherwise I'm stumped.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.