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Honda 20HP clamp spacing ?

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  • Honda 20HP clamp spacing ?

    I'm done screwing around. I got my 83 Suzuki DT25 running pretty good but I don't want to be left stranded again.
    I'm looking at an OE Honda blem.

    Question is, how far apart is the spacing of the mounting clamps, and I assume it has lower mounting holes as well for a more permanant mount.

    For instance, my current spacing is about 5 and 5/8 at the top clamps and 5 and 3/16 at the bottom bolt holes. They are spaced 5 1/2" apart. UIs this standard mount spacing ? Reason I ask is the transom on my Western modified for a long shaft. When I did it, I made it too fat. I used 5/8 wood instead of 1/2" and it was to fat for the clamps to fit over, oops, so I "knotcked it to fit.

    Even if the spacing is different, I'll make it fit, just trying to get a heads up.