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HONDA BF50 will not start after low oil and dead battery

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  • HONDA BF50 will not start after low oil and dead battery

    I have a 2005 Honda BF 50. I just bought this motor used. It has had some carb issues but runs good enough once it warms up. Well today I am pretty sure I gummed up my carbs. I ran the battery to near dead and ended up being pulled in.

    Since I bought it has a constant beep but it ran great and didn't go into a safe mode so attributed the alarm to fuel issues. I came home to troubleshoot it today and now it wont turn over. It will turn over at the solenoid but not on the key, but it still beeps. I have only bumped it, not started it and there is no green light on, just the red light.

    I noticed the oil was low. I assumed this must be a oil shutoff safety thing. I added oil, unhooked the battery, then tried again. It will turn over off the starter but not the switch. The fuse is fine because the beeping stops when I unhook it and starts again when I don't. Any advice to get this thing started would be very much appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Matthew Sparks

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    Re: HONDA BF50 will not start after low oil and dead battery

    You will need to isolate this engine from the remote harness.When you do that you will know if you have an issue with the engine or elsewhere.There are no fuel monitors on this engine.The red light indicates overheat.Everthing here indicactes a faulty harness or sloopy installation.Look for pinched wires,bare wires including inside that remote[I hope you were'nt in there].If that red light is on when the key is turned on cold and not running that is an issue. What is the condition of that battery or battery terminals and why have'nt you paid any attention to them?Do'nt ask me how I know that you have'nt.